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In January 2000 ANCOS, The Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk approved a set of guidelines to ensure Level Training in Australia achieved consistent learning outcomes across courses and between States. These measures were taken to bring the Australian Orff Schulwerk Movement in line with other countries of the world that run these very prestigious training programs.

Level courses are offered in Australia for those teachers and musicians that would like to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge of Orff Schulwerk. There are four levels offered. Levels 1 and 2 are offered in most states and 3 and 4 are offered when there is a need. These courses are intensive they require you to be in attendance for 36 hours, face to face instruction preferably over six days. They offer a systematic accumulative understanding of Orff pedagogy and process.


The sessions include intensive tuition on Orchestration-Analysis-Literature, Technique-Improvisation-Literature, Pedagogy-Literature, Movement and Dance, Vocal and Recorder.

It is expected that participants will begin training at Level 1 and complete Levels 2, 3 and 4 in sequence. Although some participants may feel they have a good knowledge of Orff Schulwerk from conference and workshop attendance, they must realise that those activities are not equivalent to a systematic study of all the aspects of Orff Schulwerk. For example it is generally accepted at a University level that one cannot begin the study of a PhD without a general degree so to try and begin Orff Level Training at Level 4 does not make sense. Many universities across Australia are using these training courses as part of their students’ degree course.

To gain a Certificate of Accreditation, participants must attend each day of the course and successfully complete all assessment tasks; otherwise Certificate of Participation will be issued.

There is also a very clear set of Guidelines for those that teach the courses. They are all experienced and highly qualified Orff Teachers.
Local Orff Associations are run by busy musicians and teachers that put in a great deal of their own time, although presenters are paid, organisers are not. So please consider this when making contact if you don’t get an immediate response and please consider the time differences across Australia when calling. Perth is two hours behind NSW and Victoria in winter and three hours in summer for example.

Please do not hesitate to contact your local Orff Association if you have any further enquiries regarding Orff Level Courses in Australia. To view the National Levels Guidelines, click the button below –

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