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ANCOS is the peak body of the Orff-Schulwerk Movement in Australia and we are proud to be the Australian arm of approach which has promoted such high calibre, create and fulfilling music education throughout the world.

ANCOS has affiliate State Associations in Victoria, New South Wales (with a branch in the ACT), Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania.

Reaching Musical Heights in Orff-Schulwerk
22nd National ANCOS Conference
6-9 January 2025

Perth, Western Australia


More About ANCOS

ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff-Schulwerk Association) was founded in 1976 by foundation members, the Orff-Schulwerk Associations of QLD and NSW to promote Orff-Schulwerk in the education systems in our states. Victoria and South Australia joined not long after. In 1991, the national body, made up of two representatives from each of the six state associations became ANCOS (Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk) as it is known today. We have connections with the Northern and Australian Capital Territories, and as a member of the International Orff-Schulwerk Forum Salzburg, we have international connections with the Orff Institute in Salzburg, and Orff Associations throughout the world, particularly with New Zealand and Asia.

What is Orff-Schulwerk?

Orff Schulwerk is a music education program pioneered by German Composer Carl Orff (1895-1982) and colleague Gunild Keetman. Its foundation was concerned with the child, the needs of the child and the emphasis on nourishing the musicality of each child through the elemental activities of music and movement.

National Courses

In January 2000, ANCOS approved a set of guidelines to ensure Level Training in Australia achieved consistent learning outcomes across courses and between States. 

Levels Courses

The ANCOS Levels Course is held throughout the year in various states. These high quality courses provide teacher training in the Orff-Schulwerk approach, empowering teachers across Australia to provide high quality Music education to their students. 

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