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Humphries Parker Smith Fund

This fund was established to honour the three individuals who founded the National Orff Schulwerk Organisation – Diana Humphries, Lorna Parker and Keith Smith. The fund is supported by donations from our members.

The Humphries Parker Smith Fund's aim is to provide financial aid to members who are interested in furthering the growth of Orff Schulwerk and putting it more into the public eye. These individuals must need financial aid to further their education in Orff Schulwerk, OR financial aid to develop a valid, creative project.

  • The funds must be used for training or special creative projects.
  • The applicant must be a current member of an Orff Schulwerk State Association and must have been a member of good and long standing (3-5 years) prior to the application.
  • The applicant must be a citizen of Australia or have resided in Australia for the last five years.

The applicant must demonstrate the value of the project through reports and/or provision of workshops/papers at both state and national level. Applications must be typed, completed and returned to the secretary of ANCOS no later than the 1st December, so that the application can be reviewed by the ANCOS committee at their meeting in January the following year.

The fund is supported by donations from individuals. If you would like to donate an amount, your generosity will be acknowledged in the next Musicworks journal. You may donate an amount anonymously if you like. You will receive a receipt.

Supporter  Up to $25 donation
Friend  $26-$50 donation
Benefactor  $51-100 donation
Patron  over $101

To apply for funding download the application form.

To make a donation to this fund download the donation form.


ANCOS Donation Fund

You can now support music education and save on tax! The Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk has established the ANCOS Donation Fund to support Orff Schulwerk music education across Australia.

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