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Robyn Staveley - 2018

ANCOS President, Michelle Rollins, delightedly announced at the Opening Ceremony of the Bridge Conference in Sydney, NSW, in January 2018, that Robyn Staveley was being presented The Award of Honor.

Robyn has supported Orff Schulwerk in Australia for many years, especially through her involvement with the Levels Courses and the development of the Master Practitioner Certificate.

Robyn is a Senior Lecturer, Teacher Education Program at the University of Technology Sydney.  She has taught music and movement education in schools and for professional education organisations in Australia and throughout Asia.  She has presented at many conferences and teacher training courses and has published and presented papers in the area of music education.  Her main areas of interest are embodied cognition, neuroscience and the implications of these for music and movement education.  Robyn is a Past President of the NSW Orff Schulwerk Association, is the current NSWOSA Teacher Training Coordinator and is on the Committee of the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk.

Congratulations Robyn!


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You can now support music education and save on tax! The Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk has established the ANCOS Donation Fund to support Orff Schulwerk music education across Australia.

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