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Dr Carol Richards - 2000

Dr Carol Richards was awarded the inaugural Award of Honour. Carol arrived in Australia fresh from the USA to teach in Melbourne in the 1970's. She was working in Melbourne as a secondary school music specialist and, like many of us who have been in that role, was struggling along and not really enjoying it (in fact probably even getting close to hating it!) But that was all to change in the summer of 1978. It was in January of that year that Carol went to an Orff summer school in Armidale, NSW, where one Richard Gill was running the course. Suddenly there was an approach to music education that made sense!!
The following year, Carol did the four month course at the Orff Institute in Salzburg, and again she was blessed. One of her teachers there was Jane Frazee, and it was through Jane that suddenly everything fell into place in terms of the Orff approach.
Armed with knowledge, energy, and inspiration Carol returned to Melbourne and started applying the Orff approach to her secondary school music classes. In 1986 she ran a course titled "Movement and Music Sequentially" which was really the very beginnings of levels training in Australia. While living in Victoria, she was the President of VOSA.
In the late 80's Carol moved to NSW to take up a position at the University of Newcastle as lecturer in music. In 1990 Carol taught at the Summer School in Salzburg where her work in secondary pedagogy and contemporary music was very well received. Since her move to NSW she has introduced many secondary teachers to the Schulwerk. A few years ago she received her doctorate for her research into how people learn. She is the current editor of our national journal "Music Works" And she has taught levels courses in NSW, Victoria, WA and Queensland.
She is a most deserving and worthy participant of this inaugural award and was totally stunned by being singled out for it.

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