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Diana Humphries & Lorna Parker - 2006

The 2006 ANCOS Award of Honour was presented to Diana Humphries and Lorna Parker at the 14th Biennial Conference of the Australian National Council of Orff Schulwerk in Sydney in January 2006. The award was presented jointly by Jackie Ewers and Biddy Seymour during the conference dinner. Below is a transcription of the presentation speech.

"We have a special duty tonight to present the Award of Honour for Services to Orff Schulwerk. This award is given in appreciation and acknowledgement of the contribution made to music and movement education in Australia through dedication, commitment and leadership in the National Orff Schulwerk Movement. This prestigious award is given to an Australian who has generated national and international respect for the Schulwerk. It is not given lightly. Previous recipients of this award are Dr Carol Richards, Richard Gill and Christoph Maubach.

It gives us great pleasure tonight to present the award to two worthy recipients.

My worthy recipient was educated at the Hobart Teachers College and was a co- founder and secretary of the NSW Orff Schulwerk Association. This person spent 20 years on the NSW Orff Committee and still takes an active role in events.

My worthy recipient was educated at Furzedown College University of London and was the founding President of the NSW Orff Schulwerk Association, providing professional development for teachers for over twenty years.

In 1997 our Orffian was awarded an OAM for services to people with Disabilities and has been honoured with Rotary's Paul Harris Award. This person has written many articles on creative music which have been published nationally and internationally.

This Orffian is a Paul Harris fellow and holds office in Zonta International. This person has written extensively on music education and has had resources published in many countries including the USA.

These two recipients have collaborated since early in their teaching careers. This powerful connection they have together in their working life and in the influence they exert within the Orff Movement in this country means they must be honoured together.

We have only touched the surface of the diverse interests, talents and achievements of these two extraordinary women. Lola Harding-Irmer was very excited to meet these two extraordinary Orffians, as when she first arrived in Australia they introduced her to the Orff Community. She is extremely grateful to them for their friendship and inclusion.

It gives us great pleasure to ask Diana Humphries and Lorna Parker to come to the stage and receive their awards."


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