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Christoph Maubach - 2004

"Four years ago ANCOS initiated an Award that would be given to an outstanding contributor to Orff Schulwerk in Australia. The former recipients Dr Carol Richards and Richard Gill demonstrate in an extraordinary way the diversity that is Orff Schulwerk. These people have led the way in promoting the characteristics that are uniquely Australian. In this country Orff Schulwerk is available to early childhood, primary, secondary, tertiary learners and community music makers.

This year's recipient has contributed enormously to the journey Orff Schulwerk has taken in Australia.

Committees such as The Victorian Orff Schulwerk Association (VOSA), the Association for Music Educators of Victoria (Amuse), Community Music Victoria (CMV) and the National Council of Orff Schulwerk (ANCOS) have all benefited greatly from this person's talent, passion, generosity, commitment and expertise. Through this person's initiative, ANCOS has a web site, many international connections, an ANCOS CD Australian Ways with Orff and Level Courses, as our creative recipient was one of the founding contributors to the Level Courses. This 2004 recipient has also taken this expertise to other countries and has been responsible for creating and bringing high quality Orff resources into Australia. This person is responsible for creating the only University Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate courses in Orff Schulwerk in Australasia. In the face of reducing hours in Music Education in Australian Universities this is a remarkable achievement.

As if this is not enough, in his spare time over the past twenty years our worthy award recipient has spent countless hours running Saturday morning music programs, multi-cultural music programs, community music events, adult choirs, and radio broadcasts. Through involvement with various ensembles such as Shenanigans and Golden Fleece and through his own creative talents he has sung, played and danced throughout the world providing many significant music and dance education activities and ideas. I think you will all agree with me that Christoph Maubach is a very worthy recipient of this award."

Christoph's acceptance speech.

"I am absolutely delighted to receive this award. I hope you can imagine how much this means to me. Thank you very much indeed! To me this is a strong affirmation of the joyful journey with the Orff approach that I have the privilege of sharing with you all.

There are many people that I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart for helping me on this exciting pathway with music and movement education. First and foremost I wish to thank my partner Gai at home and my children Antony and Emilia. My loved ones are often at home without me, waiting for me, when I sing, dance and generally am having a ball out there at workshops and conferences. And there are many more individuals here in Australia and elsewhere that I wish to thank for helping me. I do apologize if I forget to mention anybody specifically:

Thanks to Richard Gill for whom I made coffee and tea and carried instruments in 1977 at the Orff Institute's summer schools where he was a guest lecturer and where he talked to me about Australia. From that moment on through his character and through his musical work he has been an inspiration to me. To Sam and Carol Richards for listening to me, for taking me into their home and encouraging me and for making music together, to Gary King and Audrey Fine for caring so much and for creating and making Shenanigans, to Heather Mc Laughlin and her husband John and family for having me in their home and for sharing the vision so strongly. Thanks to my dear friends Ann and Gerard van de Geer for your great encouragement and your friendship. And of course to all my many friends from over twenty-three years on the Victorian committee, Barbara Shearer, Melissa, Susie, Carolyn, Jeff, Judy and everybody else. Thank you. Thanks to all the teams in the various state organizations that I had the privilege of meeting and working with. You are the ones who make the Orff approach a success and a meaningful music education contribution in Australia! Thank you Jackie, Mary and all others in WA; thank you to Rosemary, Susan, Libby, to Keith Smith of course, who was like a father to me in 1980, and all other friends in Queensland; to Robyn, to Suzie Gerozisis, of course to Lorna and Diana in New South Wales. A special Thank You to Margie Moore who when I was in strife spent considerable time with me in Melbourne walking in the Botanical Gardens and had a good heart to heart with me. To the friends in SA, Annette Innwood, Margaret Mc Gowan-Jackson and all other committee members past and present in there, to Judy Palfreyman"

Presentation speech by Jackie Ewers, ANCOS President during the ANCOS conference in Hobart.


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